Finding the Best Utah Criminal Defense Attorney

How can I find the best Utah criminal defense lawyer to handle my case?

People facing criminal prosecution often feel intimidated and worried at the complexities of the court process and uncertainty surrounding the possibility of severe and long lasting consequences. Finding a strong attorney to protect your rights and help you navigate your criminal case is essential and goes a long way in providing you with peace of mind.

As a Utah criminal defense attorney living in Salt Lake City, Andrew McAdams is uniquely qualified to fight your case and protect your interests. He has extensive experience and has successfully handled thousands of cases. He has worked on both sides of the criminal courtroom, including many years working for the prosecution on the other side where he gained valuable insight regarding prosecution tactics and strategy. He intimately understands how the other side fights because he did it himself for many years at the highest levels of felony prosecution. Now as a criminal defense attorney, he brings all of his training and experience to your defense. To schedule a free consultation, please call or contact us today.

Things to consider in finding the right defense attorney for You.

There are thousands of lawyers in Utah. Some are good and some are not, but it is not always easy for a regular person to tell the difference. There is no easy way to find the best defense lawyer to handle your case, but there are general guidelines that you should consider in making your choice.


A good attorney should leave you with a sense of confidence and trust. You should feel comfortable speaking freely with the lawyer and have a sense that you can rely on the lawyer’s ability to understand your individual needs and unique legal issues. You should feel confident in the lawyer’s ability to effectively explain your story and advocate on your behalf in front of the prosecution, the judge, or the jury.


There are a number of factors to consider when you evaluate how much an attorney has practiced in criminal law. How much practice does the defense attorney have? How deep is their experience? Have they ever handled serious cases? How much time have they spent in court? Have they done a lot of jury trials, or do they shy away from that? No attorney can guarantee 100% success in your case simply because they have been successful in past cases. However, asking these types of questions will help you determine the strength and quality of representation you might expect.

Professional Reputation and Civility

The lawyer’s reputation amongst other attorneys and judges is an important factor to consider. A lawyer who has spent years working to establish a professional reputation amongst peers can be a tremendous asset in your case. A defense attorney who can aggressively defend their client while still maintaining professional civility toward the prosecution and court will likely be well respected and better able to negotiate difficult situations. An attorney who needlessly engages in heated arguments over things that really don’t matter might sound like an aggressive attorney, but having somebody like that in your corner often ends up hurting your overall interests significantly.

High Pressure Tactics

Some attorneys capitalize on the fear and stress that people experience after they are arrested and charged with a crime. Attorneys who insist that you make immediate decisions might be capitalizing on your fear in order to make a sale. There may be some decisions that require making a quick decision. However, it is generally in your best interest to make decisions after you have had enough time to fully evaluate and reflect upon all of your options. Be wary of attorneys who seem unwilling to give you the courtesy of this time.

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Andrew McAdams is a Utah criminal defense attorney with wide experience handling thousands of misdemeanor and felony cases. He has practiced on both sides of the courtroom as both a defense attorney and long-time felony prosecutor. He is also former law school professor. All of his experience makes him a compelling defense attorney who is effective working with people from all walks of life.

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