Do I need to hire a criminal defense lawyer?

Criminal defense lawyers help navigate the court process that comes along with a criminal charge and case. The law and court rules are vast and complex. Even other attorneys who find themselves in legal trouble hire defense attorneys to help them better understand and protect their rights.

Criminal penalties can be severe and long-lasting with a wide range of possibilities like prison, jail, probation, fines, fees, restitution, among other possible consequences. Criminal defense lawyers are so important that the Constitution requires police to inform all criminal defendants that they have the right to defense attorney. You should not go it alone.

Andrew McAdams and his team have extensive experience handling every kind of criminal case. He is a former prosecutor who has teamed up with a long-time criminal defense attorney to provide high quality and effective defense representation throughout the State of Utah. They’ve handled every kind of criminal case, large or small, and are prepared to protect your rights and interests.

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