Professional Discipline & License Defense

If you have a professional license in the State of Utah and have been contacted by an administrative agency, you may be at risk for losing your license and professional livelihood. Finding strong legal representation to defend your license is vital.

 Andrew McAdams

 Andrew McAdams

Obtaining your professional license was not an easy task. You most likely spent thousands of hours and dollars in pursuit of the necessary education, training, and work experience to establish your career and professional reputation. If you have been served with a notice of agency action, have been contacted by investigating agents, or have reason to believe that an investigation is underway, you need an attorney with extensive handling complex negotiations and litigation to protect your career and license.

Andrew McAdams and his team are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal service in defense of your license and livelihood. If you are looking at professional discipline from your licensing authority because of a criminal matter, malpractice complaints, ethical allegations, or any other type of investigative action we can help in protecting your rights. We represent clients in all types of professional licensing matters including accountants, lawyers, doctors, police officers, probationers, real estate professionals, insurance agents, teachers, day care providers, and other professionals holding a license from the State of Utah.

In addition to defending formal disciplinary actions, our team also handles a wide variety of common licensing matters such as:

  • Representation during the preliminary investigation phase before a notice has been filed
  • Denied applications for professional licenses
  • Requests to modify the terms of an existing discipline
  • Petitions to have a professional license reinstated
  • Representation in formal administrative hearings and proceedings

Please contact Andrew McAdams and his team for a confidential consultation about your situation. You worked hard to obtain your professional license and establish your professional career. We will work hard to defend it.