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    Andrew McAdams, Esq.

    Andrew McAdams, Esq.

In Utah, DUI is a serious crime that carries serious penalties. This is largely due to extreme pressure from the public that is placed on Utah lawmakers, prosecutors, police, and the courts to enforce harsh penalties for driving under the influence. DUI charges can be complicated and have the potential to negatively impact many aspects of your life. Consequences can include everything from significant jail time, loss of driving privileges, hefty fines and fees, mandatory installation of expensive ignition interlock devices, and more. 

Utah DUI Defense

In Utah, a first time offense for driving under the influence is generally considered a Class B Misdemeanor and is punishable with up to six months in jail. If there was a child passenger under the age of 18 in the vehicle, it is a Class A misdemeanor and punishable with up to one full year in jail. At a minimum, a first time DUI conviction in Utah carries a mandatory sentence of two days jail or 48 hours of community service, one year of probation, DUI treatment, and a minimum fine of $1,295.00. A second DUI conviction within ten years carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 days in jail or 240 hours of community service, 12 months supervised probation, DUI counseling treatment, expensive interlock devices, and a minimum fine of $1,480.00. Third time, and subsequent DUI offenses within a ten year time period are generally charged as a felony offense and may be punished with up to five years in prison. 

All of these consequences pose significant life obstacles requiring many years and thousands of dollars to overcome. As a result, you need to take immediate action to secure the help of an experienced Utah criminal defense attorney. Andrew McAdams has many years of experience in criminal law and has handled hundreds of DUI related offenses. His experience includes handling everything from first time DUI cases to Felony DUI and DUI Homicide charges. He is a former prosecutor who is not afraid to stand up in court and fight for your rights. He also is an effective and careful negotiator who will aggressively advocate on your behalf. 

Andrew McAdams is the right choice whether you are seeking an attorney to aggressively fight your case in trial or wanting to explore other favorable alternatives to resolve your case. He will expertly protect all of your interests and help you arrive at the optimal solution in your case.

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