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People facing criminal charges usually have a large number of questions regarding their case and the court process in general. As a former prosecutor, Andrew McAdams has handled thousands of cases and I know how stressful a criminal case can be for anybody charged. As a criminal defense attorney, my goal is to make sure that you get answers to the questions that you have. I want you to have a solid understanding of your case and provide you with the highest quality legal representation and ensure the best possible outcome if you decide to hire me as your defense counsel. 

Below are some answers to some of the more commonly questions I am asked by clients. There is not any single perfect answer that will fit each and every case because vvery criminal case is different and unique. The FAQs provided below are intended to give you some general familiarity with common issues in Utah criminal law. Please click on any FAQ link below to learn more.

If you would like to receive legal advice regarding your specific criminal case or questions, please call or click here to speak with an experienced Utah criminal defense attorney today.


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