Andrew McAdams

          Andrew McAdams

Utah Aggravated Assault Defense

Aggravated Assault is a serious felony offense in the State of Utah which could result with years in the Utah State Prison, lengthy probation terms, expensive criminal fines, and substantial restitution payments. The difference between simple assault and aggravated assault generally includes the use of a dangerous weapon like a gun or knife (or any other thing capable of inflicting serious injury). Assaults where the victim suffers serious bodily injuries are also generally considered aggravated assaults and carry more serious felony consequences. 

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If you have been charged with aggravated assault in Utah, you should contact a highly qualified criminal defense attorney immediately. Andrew McAdams has many years of experience in criminal law and has handled hundreds of assault related offenses. His experience includes handling everything from basic simple assault cases to various homicide and first-degree murder charges. He is a former prosecutor who is not afraid to stand up in court and fight for your rights. He also is an effective and careful negotiator who will aggressively advocate on your behalf. 

Andrew McAdams is the right choice whether you are seeking an attorney to aggressively fight your case in trial or wanting to explore other favorable alternatives to resolve your case. He will expertly protect all of your interests and help you arrive at the optimal solution in your case.